Storytelling is thought to be one of the things that defines and binds our humanity; we are the perhaps the only animals that can create and tell stories. Words allow us to communicate abstract ideas across time and space, transporting the audience to a different realm. Some of the earliest storytellers were travelers, bringing legends of their home to faraway lands and returning with new tales of exotic places and people.

As I travel, what I have come to cherish the most are the stories I’ve accumulated along the way. These stories allow me to take those I care about traveling with me, and take myself back to places I’ve come to miss. Wherever I go, I carry them with me; they are the souvenirs of my journey.

This is meant to be a collection of those stories. Each one is a snapshot that forms the collage of my entire experience. They’re all different: some funny, others serious, some complex, others simple. Some are my own and others are the stories of those I’ve met. The thing they share is they’re all true.

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